Cardijn with Buddhist monks in Thailand during the IYCW World Council in Bangkok 1965

Welcome to the Cardijn Community International!

Our community is inspired by the vision and methodology developed and promoted around the world by Joseph Cardijn, the Belgian priest later a cardinal, who founded the Jeunesse Ouvrière Chrétienne (JOC) or Young Christian Workers (YCW) movement.

We seek to continue his work by building a community of people inspired by the same vision of “the specifically lay apostolate of lay people,” his Three Truths dialectic, and his iconic “see-judge-act” method.

Here you’ll find information about our work internationally as well as links to our affiliated national movements and networks.

For the latest news from our network, please visit www.cardijn.info.

The CCI Team

With Fr Georges Guérine, founding chaplain of the French JOC during the 1930s
Cardijn with Marguerite Fiévez, co-founder of the IYCW
Cardijn was made a cardinal by Pope Paul VI in February 1965
Cardijn at Vatican II with Pat Keegan and Bartolo Perez, both lay auditors