CCI Objectives were defined as follows:

1. To promote Cardijn’s spirituality, vision and methodology

2. To build a community of people committed to the above

Specific Task/Core competency
Skills in Review of Life
Training through SJA
Pass on experiences to the next generation


  • Those who have been formed through Cardijn movements (lay leaders and animators)
  • Those accepting the objectives of CCI

CCI is also open for membership to national groups, groups and communities as well as individuals (direct membership).


Endeavours will be made to extend CCI to other regions including Africa, Europe and the Americas.

External Relations

Initiatives will be taken to build links with

Other Cardijn movements
NGOs, civil society organizations, UN bodies
Church (all denominations) and other religions
Bishops/Cardinals/religious who were ex-animators/members of Cardijn movements

Means to implement

International Team

1. President/Convenor: Stefan Gigacz

2. Secretaries: Manasa Janaki and Vishal Fernandes

3. Treasurer: Juanito Penequito

Collaborators (Chaplains and lay leaders): Fr Reid Shelton Fernando, V. Susairaj

Extension: Clement Katongo (Africa), Kevin Vaughan (Pacific)

Resource Persons: Fr Antoine Sondag,

Other volunteers to be appointed.

Term: 4 years

CCI Vatican 2 + 50 Project

Convenor: To be appointed

Organising Secretary: To be appointed

Core Committee: (CCI and others)


CCI will work to finance is activities and expenses from the following sources:

i) Membership fees (direct/country groups)

ii) Contributions

iii) Projects for specific needs

Volunteer Team

CCI is coordinated by a team of volunteers comprising the following persons:

Stefan Gigacz, Convenor/president

Vishal Fernandez and Manasa Janaki, Secretaries

Juanito Penequito, Treasurer

Fr Reid Shelton Fernando, Collaborator

V. Susairaj, Lay collaborator

Clement Katongo, Africa

Kevin Vaughan, Pacific