Day 2 – Testimonies and Review

Sunday 24 July

07.00 a.m.: Memorial Service – Cardijn’s 44th death anniversary

08.45 a.m.: Cardijn Photo Exhibition

09.00 a.m.: Plenary: Reflection and Recap of Day 1


09.30 a.m.: Plenary: Synthesis of group reports on See part: ‘Common Realities’

– Analysis/reflections (Judge) on ‘Common Realities’ in the syntheses

– Reflections towards perspectives (what changes we need, perspectives and values to be promoted, type of ‘Another World’, ‘sustainable development’, etc.)

11.00 a.m.: Plenary: What is the response being given towards change and alternatives

– Reflections on the state of Cardijn movements, worker movements, lay organisations & civil society organisations

– What came out of the movements?

12.00 noon: Testimonies of action

IYCW International President; CCI; CWM; YPD (Evalina Pasaribu) and others

Paul Sinnappan

03.00 p.m.: Plenary: CCI and its role in bringing about change

– Evolution of CCI since 2001 – a brief presentation

– Country reports; achievements; limitations; questions faced; plans


03.45 p.m.: Plenary

Future Perspectives – Brain storming session

– Individual/collective plan for CCI; ideas/suggestions for link/cooperation/interaction/supportive mechanism between Cardijn movements; common forum between Cardijn movements, etc. (without much discussion)