CLC becomes CCI

Evaluation Meeting 2006

The International Coordination of CLC met in Malaysia on 13 August 2006 to mark five years of its development. A critical analysis of the socio, economic, political and cultural reality at the international level was done by the team who came prepared with relevant data and case studies.

The study done by those present reiterated the firm conviction in Cardijn’s vision and methods. It was concluded that we take Cardijn as our point of reference in our quest for holistic development.

The meeting also concluded that there is a need to develop alternatives.
There is a need to develop human values and to represent the way of life we lived following Cardijn’s techniques.
There is an urgent need to restore basic human dignity and reclaiming human rights is of paramount importance. Dignity as such is a profound state which has to be ensured.
The internal motivation for those in the Cardijn network will be realization of the meaning of their lives. The external motivation shall to be restoring human dignity to humanity by changing the situations which disable human dignity.
Conclusions and indicators


Poverty as defining global debate
Globalization pervades all aspects of life
Need to develop alternatives – at all levels of society; holistic and sustainable alternatives; through education and culture
‘Cardijn’ to be the point of reference for the network
Need to develop ‘Cardijn culture. There is a need to develop Cardijn culture and to transfer this to the future generation
Our character is to promote people’s participation and exchange
To promote and cultivate human values; restore human dignity; ensure human rights and encourage individual and collective introspection
To realize the meaning of our life
To consciously remember that the network is not exclusively church based.


Need to develop local communities.
Promote this as a network
Need to define the objectives clearly
Redefine the name CLC
Network to be an international body
This network is not for replicating any existing organization
The network should also promote family participation
There is a need to develop national and international coordination of the network

Based on this study and conclusion, the vision and mission of the network were redefined at this meeting:


To bring about peace and harmony in society
Harmony between humanity and nature
To build a just society


1. Building communities – live new values; discover alternatives; fulfil meaning of life
2. Develop Cardijn culture and transfer this to the future generation
3. Help restore human dignity
4. To work towards holistic development
5. To function as a resource team to interpret and promote Cardijn whose vision and techniques are relevant in today’s reality

CLC becomes CCI

In order to effectively implement the decisions and to be relevant to the vision of the network, the name of the network was changed from CLC to CARDIJN COMMUNITY INTERNATIONAL (CCI). A new International Coordination Team was also decided upon at this meeting. M. J. Ruben from India – International Convenor; Stefan Gigacz (Australia) and Greg Lopez (Malaysia) – International Coordinators. V. Susairaj and Dr Bernard d’ Sami from India – Resource Persons.


– Building Teams in countries

– External relations – Newsletter to act as link with others and whenever need arises

– Centres: To develop a research towards launching a Cardijn Centre by 2007

– 2007 events: To limit our activity to 40th death anniversary of Cardijn with a thrust to get due recognition to Cardijn from Church (Doctor of the Church) and from society; to interpret Cardijn and to promote his work by way of publications, translations and research.


It was decided that the network would be open to all who subscribe to Cardijn’s ideas and to all those who had grown through Cardijn’s techniques of See, Judge and Act. (From YCS, YCW, IMCS, MIJARC and other Cardijn initiated movements and organizations).

International Secretariat

A decision was also made to locate the International Secretariat in India in a rented place at the office of Jeeva Jyothi (Susairaj), Chennai. Work there would focus on bringing out publications on Cardijn, starting a Cardijn Research Centre, organising an International Symposium in India in 2007.