CCI response to the Cry of the Poor and the Cry of the Earth

Challenges faced as seen by the conference and our response

CCI Conference on ‘Cardijn Today: Inequality, Ecology, Diversity’

5 – 8 May 2016 – Joe Beach, Mamallapuram, India

Who we are

We the participants at the CCI International Conference held at Joe Beach, Mamallapuram, Kancheepuram District, India from 5th to 8th May 2016 are those who have been formed and are being formed in Cardijn founded and inspired movements.

We believe in the spirituality and vision based on SEE JUDGE ACT methodology and we practice this in our day to day lives in and out of the movement through the review of life process
We are both young people and adults wanting to promote Cardijn’s spirituality, vision and methodology.
By Cardijn spirituality we mean: we need to ceaselessly commit ourselves in the service of humanity thereby participating in the plan of God
By his vision we mean to build a world according to the will of God
By his methodology we mean SEE JUDGE ACT in the review of life and action process


The cry of the poor (owing to injustice) and the cry of the earth (due to mistreatment of nature) is the challenge before all of us today, given the theme of the conference 2016.

Our response to the theme would be in the line of getting involved in ecological education and peace promoters, young people, tribals, Dalits, women, child-workers, migrant workers, refugees, differently abled people and anti-nuclear power supporters and all other sections of the society.

1. Respecting the autonomy of the various Cardijn inspired movements, we see CCI as a network to render all possible help as and when requested, so that the above project is carried out with a collective vision but respecting the characteristics and independence of each movement.

2. Collaborating, networking and solidarity action with all people of good will, people of other faith, convictions, etc., towards transforming the society into a human and humane world for all to live in.

3. Lobbying and advocacy with people in authority at all levels and intellectuals for the bottom-up action of the masses towards integral liberation.

4. Committing to the kingdom values such as love, justice, equality, peace, sharing, sacrifice, empathy, etc., is the felt need of the hour against the decline of the authentic human culture to change ourselves and to challenge and destroy the unjust structures and system. For those who believe in Christ they believe it is the authentic Christian culture to be restored. The culture promoted by globalization is against this vision and thus we need to build an authentic culture as a counter to this dehumanising cultural mechanisms.

5. Identify the like-minded collaborators from among the laity, religious, clergy, bishops and other institutions so that we may work together in the common project to usher in God’s reign on earth.

6. Basing ourselves on this deep rooted God experience like Jesus, we ceaselessly commit ourselves both in the church and in the society at large, which is specific to us laity, following the Cardijn methodology of See – Judge – Act.

What this statement means to us

As individuals who are committed to the continuity in the service of humanity based on our learning in the Cardijn movements we shall endeavour to face these challenges and to work towards responding to the cry of the poor and the cry of the earth.

We shall place our deliberations and conclusions before our own circle of friends, our groups and organisations and encourage others to engage in responding to the cry of the poor and the cry of the earth based on Cardijn’s spirituality, vision and methodology.

Expectation from CCI

To translate the prayer for canonization of Cardijn in different languages

Wherever possible and needed or sought for, CCI to facilitate a link between different Cardijn movements particularly in areas of history, Cardijn and Cardijn;s works, accumulation of lived experiences and testimonies and other specific needs of each organisation or movement

CCI as a resource group to help in the particular area of Review of Life

Expectation by CCI

1. CCI has been promoting ‘New Pentecost’ (Pentecost Sunday) every year to bring out specific themes relating to the problems faced by the people and nature. One possibility for coming together for all Cardijn movements is to think about promoting the ‘New Pentecost’

2. Another possibility for Cardijn movements and networks to come together at the local level is to commemorate the birth and death anniversaries of Cardijn and to use these occasions to rejuvenate our own actions and projects.

3. We have a desire to honour Cardijn on his 50th death anniversary in Belgium and Vatican city by organising a pilgrimage to Brussels and Rome in partnership with the ICYCW and IYCW.

4. We are endeavouring to encourage setting up Cardijn Centres for research and study and also CARDIJN MEDIA to bring out audio/video/print materials related to our task. This project would be a means to be of mutual help in promoting Cardijn.

(Adopted unanimously by the Conference on the 8th May 2016)